Pesticide Action Network | Reclaiming the future of food and farming.
Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Pesticide poisonings: A (solvable) global crisis

    A recent review found that globally, an estimated 385 million farmers and farmworkers suffer unintentional acute pesticide poisonings each year. Learn more

  • EPA’s parting gift to the pesticide industry

    In the last days of this administration, the EPA is gifting the pesticide industry with one last favor – approving continued use of the deadly herbicide paraquat. Learn more

  • I dream of a better USDA

    If one of the goals of the USDA is to help rural America thrive, it is about time for leadership to make changes because that goal has been neglected for decades. Learn more

  • I'm living a dicamba nightmare

    EPA recently announced that the agency approved the registration of dicamba products for the next five years. This is a disaster for farmers. Learn more

  • What’s next? Vibrant global solutions

    Watch now! We've launched the animated short video Seed Keepers and Truth Tellers: From the Frontlines of GM Agriculture with our partners at HAPA and PAN Asia and the Pacific. Learn more

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This is the time of year on our farm that we reflect on our past growing season and consider the take-aways we can...

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In a huge win for small farmers and Native communities, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador closed out...

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A recent systematic review of unintentional acute pesticide poisonings found that an estimated 385 million farmers...

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In the last days of Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s tenure, the agency is up to the same old tricks, gifting the...


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