Pesticide Action Network | Reclaiming the future of food and farming.
Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Soil on farm
    The ground we walk on

    "With the awareness that farming often damages the soil comes a responsibility to find a balance between successfully growing food and doing our best to maintain the health of the soil we rely on." Learn more

  • Pesticide spray
    Hazard versus risk — lessons learned

    The use of personal protective equipment remains, in many cases, the only measure in place to manage the risks associated to using pesticides. Learn more

  • Scientists with seeds
    Conflicts of interest: Not a good look for science

    Conflicts of interest lead to misuse (and ignorance) of epidemiological science that can lead to the continued use of highly hazardous pesticides like chlorpyrifos. Learn more

  • Soil farm
    New study: Pesticides harm organisms critical to soil health

    A new study adds to the growing evidence linking pesticides to harmful effects on organisms that are critically important to soil health. Learn more

  • Family on farm
    Guest blog: Dealing with drift

    Minnesota activist Bonnie Wirtz shares her personal story detailing the physical and emotional toll of pesticide drift. Learn more

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Kristin Schafer's picture

Much as the chemical industry likes to complain about regulation, the fact is that the regulatory process in the U.S...

Shannon Walz's picture

The land on which we grow and forage food is a complex ecosystem that supports and sustains us; how we view...

Chloe Cho's picture

Climate change is bad news for agriculture; it’s predicted to result in crop loss as unpredictable temperatures and...

Keith Tyrell's picture

Imagine my shock when I found that almost all of the risk management effort for pesticides — especially in Low and...


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